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United States Efforts to Undermine Cuban Medical Aid Programs

When John Kirk and I were researching a book on Cuba's medical aid programs (Cuban Medical Internationalism:  Origins, Evolution. And Goals (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), a U.S. government operation called the Cuban Medical Professional Parole (CMPP) program was mentioned in several sources. We did not delve into this topic in any detail since it fell outside the scope of our main interest. Later, however, I decided to do so, gathering tidbits of information from widely scattered sources since no one in the academic world or in the mainstream media seemed to have paid much attention to it. I also interviewed congressional and State Department people. The result was a journal article, "Brain Drain Politics: The Cuban Medical Professional Parole Programme."

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Report Shows Increase in Migrant Remains in Southern Arizona

The Binational Migration Institute at the University of Arizona released a new report earlier this month that finds that deaths during migration in southern Arizona have remained high despite the overall decrease in unauthorized migrant flows, reflecting that the journey across southern Arizona has become increasingly deadly for migrants since the early 2000s.

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Mexico’s Law to Protect Journalists and Human Rights Activists Remains Ineffective

Just one year ago last week, the Law for the Protection of Rights Defenders and Journalists was officially declared in Mexico, creating a clear legal base for the protection of human rights defenders and journalists.  The passage of this law was seen as a positive step towards recognizing both the important role that journalists and human rights defenders play in Mexico’s democratic development, as well as the responsibility of authorities to protect rights defenders and journalists in the face of ongoing targeted violence, threats and attacks...

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MIAMI - He returns late from his job in Hialeah, with his hands stained with soot and his soul weary under the weight of so many burdens in a foreign land. His domestic problems, which apparently grow at the same rate as his debts, leave no time for him to learn his new language.

In Cuba, his family waits for his timely remittances. Here, his small daughter goes to a nearby school and learns (in English) everything she needs to be independent. He is not happy, despite the enormous TV set he bought and his weekend sailings in the beautiful boat owned by his friend, the jeweler. 

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Cuban Americans Denounce Florida Legislators’ Position of Cuba on the Terrorist List

Today sixty Cuban Americans from across the United States released an open letter to the Obama Administration strongly disagreeing with the position of Cuban-American legislators from Florida on retaining Cuba on the State Department’s list of “state sponsors of terrorism.” The signers state that the Cuban-American legislators from south Florida do not represent them or their views on Cuba, or the views of the majority of Cuban Americans. “The removal of Cuba from this serious tool of U.S. foreign policy is long overdue,” maintain the signers. 
Their full statement follows.

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