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LAWG Joins the Camino Americano to Rally for Immigration Reform

"The Time is Now", "Dignity and Respect", and "Revitalize, Not Militarize, Border Communities" were just some of the messages thousands of immigration advocates sent to Congress during the Camino Americano: March for Immigrant Dignity and Respect in Washington, DC on October 8th. The day started with a prayer service, with clergy and lay leaders praying for the families torn apart by the estimated 1,100 deportations that take place on a daily basis. Many religious leaders described the U.S immigration system as broken and urged lawmakers to act quickly and pass comprehensive immigration reform. United Methodist Bishop Minerva Carcaño said, "We are destroying family unity, the government is shut down but immigrants keep working even though they are held hostage by broken laws".

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The UN Voted to Condemn the U.S. Embargo for the 22nd Time

For the twenty-second time, the United Nations General Assembly voted to bring an end to the United States' economic embargo on Cuba. The truth is that we're not too shocked that this happened again. The world has consistently been against us for our out-dated policies towards the island nation.

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Why Is It So Important for Mexico to Reform Their Military Code of Justice?

The Mexican Senate recently wrapped up public debates on reforms to the Military Code of Justice. Why have reforms been a long-standing priority for human rights organizations in Mexico? When soldiers commit human rights violations against civilians, they are almost exclusively investigated and prosecuted in the military justice system, a notoriously opaque and unaccountable system that has left thousands of victims of human rights violations by the military without access to justice...

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The Colombian Conflict and Peace: Perspectives from Catholic Afro-Descendants

Three Catholic leaders from Colombia participated in a discussion at the Washington Office on Latin America about the ongoing-armed conflict in Colombia and the current peace talks in Havana. The panel consisted of Sister Zoila Cueto of the Diocese of Buenaventura, Father Sterlin Londoño of the Diocese of Quibdó, and Sister Lucero Machado of the La Playa Educacional Institute in Nariño.

Paying particular attention to Afro-descendant and Indigenous communities, they contributed to the general discussion about the armed conflict by focusing on the most vulnerable and affected populations. Below are some of the points they raised. To watch the full discussion, click here.   

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Worrying Wave of Violence Against Human Rights Defenders in Oaxaca

This blog originally appeared on Peace Brigades International Mexico's website.

In Oaxaca human rights defenders are confronted with severe risks. Community and indigenous rights defenders are particularly vulnerable. They demand respect for their right to free, previous, and informed consultation in a context of apparent imposition of megaprojects, such as wind farms and the extractive industry...

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