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Congress: Stop Bankrolling Militaries!

Would you be fine with Congress funding rape, torture, and violence? Didn’t think so. In this time of budget constraints, you would think and hope that Congress would be drawing lines in the sand so that our foreign aid to Latin America does not fund abuses.  Some representatives in the House, however, beg to differ. 

Sign our petition and demand Congress to stand for human rights!

Some members of Congress who oversee foreign aid want to outright eliminate human rights conditions tied to military and police assistance for Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala. These conditions are one of the ways we can try to ensure the United States does not do business with human rights violators.  Congress has a short memory if it is willing to bankroll militaries and police forces with long histories of abuse with no strings attached.

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Oct 29th the UN will Condemn the Embargo on Cuba, What Will YOU Do?

Tell the President today that the U.S. needs to join the 188 countries of the world that want to end the U.S. embargo on Cuba!

The U.S. economic embargo on Cuba has been a topic at the United Nations General Assembly meeting for the past twenty-one years. Every year an overwhelming majority of nations vote to condemn the U.S. embargo policy. Last year, 188 countries voted against us with three countries in favor of maintaining the embargo. Those countries? The United States of course, Israel and Palau (a tiny island in the Pacific). The numbers say it all; the rest of the world is against us, the United States, for our out-dated policy towards Cuba. This year won't be any different, except that we want to make a big deal about it so that the media can't ignore it again. This October 29th, for the twenty-second year in a row, the Cuban government will ask the United Nations to condemn the basis of our current policy towards Cuba, the U.S. economic embargo.

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The Next Item on the Agenda Is...

Tell Congress "The Time is NOW" for immigration reform.
October_8th_Report_Back_Action_Alert_GraphicNext item on the congressional to-do list? Pass immigration reform!

After 16 frustrating days, the government has finally reopened its doors.  What should be next on the congressional agenda?  Immigration Reform! 

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Tip the Scales in Favor of Immigration Reform

Want to help tip the scales in favor of immigration reform? This Saturday, October 5th, communities across the country will unite in support of immigration reform under one slogan – fighting for dignity and Oct5Image
respect for immigrants. Days later, on Tuesday, October 8th, tens of thousands will deliver this message directly to Congress with a  rally and concert featuring Los Tigres del Norte on Washington D.C.'s National Mall before marching to Congress to send a message -- Get Immigration Reform Done; and Get it Done Now.

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You are KEY to Changing Cuba Policy

This fall we're gearing up for a confrontation with our longtime opponents in Congress who are trying everything in their power to maintain a grip on Cuba policy. Again, they are hoping to undo President Obama's eased travel regulations and eliminate people-to-people travel. We cannot let that happen.Cuba_Key

Throughout the years, you have taken action and spoken out on behalf of changing our current policies towards Cuba. You have shown members of Congress and administration officials that not only do the majority of Cuban Americans want to see a changed policy, but a large majority of U.S. citizens is demanding change as well! Poco a poco, little by little, we are seeing those who have in the past dominated the conversation over policy towards Cuba slip in their ability to rationalize the failed policy that they have been promoting for over 50 years.

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It's Time for U.S. Policymakers to Listen!

Do you hear that? That is the clamor for a new drug policy coming from Latin America and the Caribbean. It’s Latin Americans from all walks of life—current and former presidents, caravans from the Mexican Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, civil society leaders from across the continent—calling for a renewed approach to drug policy that moves away from the tired, heavy-handed enforcement strategy that has devastated the lives of so many. Yet, Washington lawmakers aren’t listening. It’s Time to Listen!

As pressure mounts for alternatives to a militarized approach, today LAWG and our colleagues from the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) and Center for International Policy (CIP) release Time to Listen: Trends in U.S. Security Assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean, a new report that dissects the current trends in the U.S. security relationship with Latin America.

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15 years Without Justice for the Cuban 5

Thursday September 12th marks the 15th Anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban 5. For those of you near the Washington, DC area there are a few events that the National and International Committees for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 are organizing to commemorate the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban 5.

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