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Ask Our Government to be a Better Partner for Haiti this Year

One year ago, Haiti was ravaged by a devastating earthquake that killed more than 230,000 people and destroyed the homes and families of millions more. Since then, you and many others have stepped forward to give and advocate for relief funding, push for temporary protected status for Haitian immigrants in the U.S., and persuade the IMF to drop Haiti’s $268 million debt once and for all.  But while the support of the international community has saved many lives, a year later, conditions in Haiti are still perilous, with more than 3,400 people dead from a cholera outbreak, most of the rubble not cleared, and still close to a million people left without permanent housing.

Click here to ask our government to stand by the Haitian people as they rebuild their country and their lives.

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Dear Congress: Haiti Can't Wait

Micheline Fleuron lives with her two boys in the median on the road in Carrefour, Haiti. Her home, the pile of rubble across the street from where she is now, collapsed during the earthquake and killed her seven-year-old daughter. Before the earthquake Micheline had a small business selling food items. She lost that in the earthquake. She says food aid has been distributed near where she is but she has not been able to get any of it. She says hunger is difficult and "dust from the street is eating us." 

On March 24th, President Obama sent his request to Congress for a supplemental spending bill to support relief and reconstruction efforts in Haiti. Millions of people in Haiti like Micheline could use that aid to feed their children and begin rebuilding their lives, but Congress still has not passed this crucial bill.

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Help Us Help Haiti

When the 7.0 earthquake shook Haiti, leaving more than 230,000 people dead and 1.3 million homeless, you gave from your heart.

You told us about some of your spirited efforts, like the Peer College Counselors in Reseda High School in Los Angeles who sponsored a fundraising drive that raised $628 for Doctors without Borders (the organization the students chose to support) in just 20 minutes. Go, Reseda!

But that's not all you wanted to do. You also wanted your government, not just yourself and your community, to do the right thing. To generously aid Haiti. In the right way, in ways that put Haitians in the center of decisionmaking. In ways that are sustainable.

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Congress Votes on Haiti Tomorrow

Tomorrow, the House of Representatives will vote on the Debt Relief for Earthquake Recovery in Haiti Act, which would get the U.S. government to push for an immediate cancellation of Haiti's debts to international institutions. Click here to ensure your representative votes for Haiti debt relief.

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Drop the Debt for Haiti

When the crisis in Haiti began, we were glad to know we could count on you to join in raising the resources to help those in immediate need. Going forward, we're going to need your voice to make sure that our government and the international community take the necessary steps to support Haiti as it begins the long road to recovery. Please start with this urgent action from our friend Hayley Hathaway at the Jubilee USA Network:

In the wake of Haiti's unimaginable tragedy, one obvious and simple step toward a just recovery is for the international community to cancel Haiti's $1 billion debt.

Please take an extra moment to click here and sign Jubilee USA's petition "Drop Haiti's Debt Now and No More Debt for Disaster."

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Lend a Hand to Haiti

Like us, you must be hearing the tale of loss and destruction coming from Haiti and wondering what you can do to help.  Here at the LAWG, we will be working to encourage a generous response from the U.S. government to this devastating earthquake, including for long-term reconstruction. But right now, the most important action we can all take is to contribute to one of the many caring organizations providing relief.

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