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URGENT: We Need Your Help on this Colombia Letter

colombia_peaceYou’ve heard how human rights defenders, land rights leaders, union activists, Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities all still remain in danger in Colombia. And that’s true. But there’s a real opportunity for peace that could make a difference in their lives. Today, you can help:  Urge your member of Congress to sign a letter from the legislatures of the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland and Northern Ireland to say: Give peace a chance.

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It’s Time for Action on Workers’ Rights in Colombia

It’s not as if we needed another stark reminder of the failure of the U.S.-Colombia Labor Action Plan (LAP), but Monday, April 7th marked its third anniversary. What was originally a plan to protect workers and human rights now seems like another reminder of how far Colombia still has to go with improvements in the labor sector. With anti-union violence on the rise, its time we remind our government to show its priorities and protect labor rights!

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Make Peace in Colombia an Agenda Item for Congress

final_military_aid_slideThe failed war on drugs, support of an abusive military, fumigations that destroy farmers’ food crops, and the failure to stop murders of human rights defenders and violence that drives thousands of people from their homes are just the beginning of the laundry list of problems with U.S.-Colombia policy. That is why this spring we are gearing up for our biggest Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia to call on our government to finally put an end to its destructive policies and contribute to the historic opportunity of peace in Colombia.

Tell Congress to prioritize peace rather than military solutions in Colombia!

The ongoing peace process in Colombia not only gives our government a chance to play a constructive role in a history-making peace accord but to also start over and move away from outdated military solutions in Latin America. Colombia has been the largest recipient of U.S. military assistance in the Americas, and yet this focus on military aid has exacerbated a displacement crisis that has left nearly 6 million people without a home. Small farmers have seen their livelihoods disappear due to forced eradication and fumigation programs funded by the United States.

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Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians!

It’s that time of the year again; time for Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia! And this year, as the weather changes, we have a history-making chance to support peace in Colombia.  It’s time for us to spring into action!DOPA_2014_pic

Every year, communities across the United States come together and join in solidarity with our Colombian brothers and sisters to show policymakers that we want real change in U.S.-Colombia policy. This year, here’s your mission:  Get the United States on board with Colombia’s advancing peace process, the best chance in years to end this brutal 50-year-old conflict.  Urge our government to invest in peace, not war, moving away from military solutions to whole-hearted support for peace. 

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It's Time the U.S. Held Up Their End of the Labor Action Plan

Rewind the clock three years. The labor and human rights situation in Colombia was so dire that the U.S. and Colombian governments agreed to sign a Labor Action Plan (LAP) as a way of securing passage of the controversial Free Trade Agreement.

Despite our pushback, the Obama Administration keeps promising us that the situation on the ground has vastly improved as a result of the LAP. But three years later, what has really changed? Well, not nearly enough. Illegal subcontracting, anti-union behavior and violence against trade unionists continue to be an issue in Colombia. And it’s the workers who keep paying the price.

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Join Colombia's Outcry for Peace

Today on International Human Rights Day, thousands of Colombians will take to the streets in support of the ongoing peace process. Bringing together the voices of victims of violence, women, trade unionists, artists, campesinos, students, intellectuals, indigenous and Afro-descendants, this mobilization aims to promote a peace process that includes a social and human rights agenda.

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Congress: Stop Bankrolling Militaries!

Would you be fine with Congress funding rape, torture, and violence? Didn’t think so. In this time of budget constraints, you would think and hope that Congress would be drawing lines in the sand so that our foreign aid to Latin America does not fund abuses.  Some representatives in the House, however, beg to differ. 

Sign our petition and demand Congress to stand for human rights!

Some members of Congress who oversee foreign aid want to outright eliminate human rights conditions tied to military and police assistance for Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala. These conditions are one of the ways we can try to ensure the United States does not do business with human rights violators.  Congress has a short memory if it is willing to bankroll militaries and police forces with long histories of abuse with no strings attached.

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