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New Report - Perilous Journey: Kidnapping and Violence against Migrants in Transit through Mexico

Earlier this month, over forty mothers of disappeared Central American migrants embarked on a caravan across Mexico in search of their missing sons and daughters.  Although this is the ninth year that many of the Honduran, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan and Salvadoran mothers have made this journey, their calls to Mexican authorities haven’t changed – help us find our loved ones and take real steps to protect and defend migrants in transit.

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Congress: Stop Bankrolling Militaries!

Would you be fine with Congress funding rape, torture, and violence? Didn’t think so. In this time of budget constraints, you would think and hope that Congress would be drawing lines in the sand so that our foreign aid to Latin America does not fund abuses.  Some representatives in the House, however, beg to differ. 

Sign our petition and demand Congress to stand for human rights!

Some members of Congress who oversee foreign aid want to outright eliminate human rights conditions tied to military and police assistance for Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala. These conditions are one of the ways we can try to ensure the United States does not do business with human rights violators.  Congress has a short memory if it is willing to bankroll militaries and police forces with long histories of abuse with no strings attached.

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The Next Item on the Agenda Is...

Tell Congress "The Time is NOW" for immigration reform.
October_8th_Report_Back_Action_Alert_GraphicNext item on the congressional to-do list? Pass immigration reform!

After 16 frustrating days, the government has finally reopened its doors.  What should be next on the congressional agenda?  Immigration Reform! 

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Tip the Scales in Favor of Immigration Reform

Want to help tip the scales in favor of immigration reform? This Saturday, October 5th, communities across the country will unite in support of immigration reform under one slogan – fighting for dignity and Oct5Image
respect for immigrants. Days later, on Tuesday, October 8th, tens of thousands will deliver this message directly to Congress with a  rally and concert featuring Los Tigres del Norte on Washington D.C.'s National Mall before marching to Congress to send a message -- Get Immigration Reform Done; and Get it Done Now.

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Join the National Day of Action Against Border Militarization

No question, it is overkill.  The “border surge” included in immigration legislation passed by the Senate would create one of the most militarized border zones in the world.  Defense contractors may be pleasedWe_are_the_border_graphic_for_alert with this lucrative boondoggle, but communities from San Diego to Brownsville are raising the alarm that piling more fencing, drones, surveillance equipment, and Border Patrol agents would jeopardize the rights and quality of life for millions in the border region.  This Wednesday, July 17th, LAWG joins with the Border Network for Human Rights and partners in sending a unified message to Congress to halt the militarization of the border.

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National Day of Action Against Border Militarization

Over the next 10 years, the bi-partisan “border surge” in S.744 will create one of the most militarized border zones in the world.  Let’s not forget that more than 7 million U.S. citizens, residents, and families live in border communities from San Diego, California to Brownsville, Texas.


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Tell the House It's Their Turn on Immigration Reform

Late last month, the Senate voted 68-32 to pass immigration reform legislation which would provide a crucially important path to citizenship for millions, but paired it with an extreme measure to militarize theborder_for_alert border, including hundreds of miles of border fencing and a doubling of Border Patrol agents,  that will exact a huge toll on border communities and the budget.  Now, the bill moves into the House of Representatives where Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has already said the Senate bill is dead on arrival. Instead, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has stated that he prefers an incremental approach to changing immigration laws which has resulted in the introduction of several smaller bills currently totaling five.

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