• Take Action: Tell POTUS to get involved in Alan Gross’ release; Not only for Mr. Gross’s health, but in order to normalize relations with Cuba. Read more »
  • Days of Prayer and Action 2014: Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians! Days of Prayer and Action 2014: Adelante! Peace with Justice for ALL Colombians!
  • USAID’s Cuban Twitter: “Democracy Promotion” Does More Harm than Good. In Cuba, the U.S. Should Do Less in Order to Accomplish More. Read more »
  • Our new report, Perilous Journey, discusses the types of grave human rights abuses that migrants suffer during their journey north through Mexico. Read more »
  • An in-depth investigation on the implementation of the Victims’ Law shows that many of its promises remain a distant dream. Read more »
  • Check out LAWG's Annual Report to See What We've Been Up to This Year! Read more »
  • While U.S. security assistance to the Americas has decreased, these numbers can be deceiving as other forms of military cooperation grow. Read more »
  • The presence of Cuba on the terrorist list symbolizes everything that’s wrong with our approach to Cuba. Sign the petition today to take Cuba off the list! Read more »
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